Guest Lectures
  • 'Away With the Fairies: An Slua Sídhe, Death and "Fairy Places"' at Clonakilty Samhain18 Festival, Clonakilty, County Cork, 03 November 2018
  • 'St Patrick Vs the Goddess' for an Irish Mythology undergraduate programme run at University College Cork by Texas State University, 17 July 2018

  • 'May Day Magic: Fairies, Witches and Dew-Charms' for the Blarney and District Historical Society in Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál (Blarney Secondary School), 4 May 2017
  • 'Aliens, Fairies and Gods: Academic Categorizations and Popular Interpretations of Narratives of Encounters with Non-Ordinary Beings' talk at Probe International at the YMCA, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, UK, 2 October 2016

  • ‘Saint Patrick, Folklore and Irish National Identity’ for the Imagine Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast, 19 March 2016

  • ‘Irish Fairy Lore’ (sold out) public talk at Treadwells (esoteric bookshop), Bloomsbury, London, 4 March 2016

  • ‘Halloween’ public talk in the series ‘Van Valentijn tot Zwarte Piet’ (From Valentine to Black Pete) at KANTL (The Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature), Ghent, Belgium, 27 October 2015

  • ‘Irish Fairy Legends and Bealtaine’ for the event ‘Bealtaine at Triskel Christchurch’ at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork City, 9 May 2015

  • 'Cailleach: The Divine Hag’ public talk for Loughcrew Equinox Festival, Loughcrew, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, 23 March 2015

  • 'Irish Fairy Folklore’ for Ballygarvan Historical Society, Cork Airport Hotel, 26 February 2015

  • ‘The History and Traditional Celebration of Samhain in Ireland’ for the event ‘Samhain at Triskel Christchurch’ at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork City, 31 October 2014

  • 'The Divine Feminine in Irish Tradition’ presented at Féile Draíochta, The Camden Court Hotel, 4 October 2014

  • ‘Living the Magical Life: Supernatural Forces in Contemporary Pagan Worldview’ at the Marginalised and Endangered Worldviews Study Centre (MEWSC) launch, University College Cork, 1 October 2013

  • ‘Irish Folklore and the Supernatural’ for a group of visiting American grandparents and their grandchildren, EIL Intercultural Learning Programme, at The Ambassador Hotel, Cork city, Ireland, 4 July 2013

  • ‘Irish Neo-Paganism: Worldview and Ritual Practices’ for The Association of Icelandic Folklorists (Félag Þjóðfræðinga Á Íslandi) at The University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland, 14 September 2011

  • ‘Glimpsing the Supernatural: from Pagan gods to Fairies’ for Mythic Links Mythology Group, Dublin, Ireland, 2 April 2009

  • ‘Fire, Fairies and Sun Gods: Tara and Contemporary Paganism’ for The Office of Public Works, Hill of Tara Visitor Centre, Co. Meath, Ireland, 18 July 2007

  • ‘Danú as Mother-Goddess in Irish Mythology’ for IRD Duhallow public seminar on Danú and Spirituality – a Spirit of Belonging, Rathmore, Co. Kerry, 10 March 2007

  • ‘Traditional Irish Festival Celebrations’ for a group of visiting American students at The Centre for Irish Cultural Studies, Sacred Heart University, Dingle Campus, Kerry, January 2006

  • ‘Folklore, Oral History and Heritage’ for Cloyne Literary and Historical Society, Cloyne, East Cork, Ireland, 14 August 2004

  • ‘Folklore, Landscape and Mythology of West Cork’ for Cork County Vocational Education Committee, Maria Immaculata Community College, Dunmanway, West Cork, 16 September 2003

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