Conference Paper Presentations

Jenny Butler has presented the following papers at conferences in Ireland and internationally:

  • ‘Beyond Bordered Lands: Contemporary Paganism, Spiritual Unity and Conceptualisations of Geo-Physical Space’ presented at Borders/Debordering: Towards a New World Culture of Hospitality, held at Hotel Špik, Gozd Martuljek, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia on 30 June to 3 July 2016

  • ‘Revolution in the Academy: Challenging the Scientific (Rationalistic) Paradigm in the Study of Religions’ presented at theFifth Annual Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions Conference—Revolution and Religion, held at University College Cork on 16-17 June 2016

  • ‘Tattoos as Talismans: Magic in the Flesh’ presented at the 9th International Society for Folk Narrative Research (ISFNR) Charms, Charmers and Charming Conference – Tradition and Innovation, co-hosted by UCC’s Department of Study of Religions, Department of Early and Medieval Irish and Department of Folklore and Ethnology, held at University College Cork on 6-8 May 2016

  • ‘Scientific Rationalism, Cultural Cannibalism, and the Case of Irish Fairy Beliefs’ presented at the 10th Anniversary Conference – ‘Religion, Science and the Future’ – of the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (ISSRNC), January 14-17, 2016

  • ‘Irish Fairy Beliefs and Folk Religion’ presented in the ‘Research Slam’ section of the Fourth Annual Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (ISASR) Conference—The Study of Religions in Ireland: People, Places, Projects, held at Trinity College Dublin on 11 May 2015

  • ‘Divine Encounters: Contemporary Pagan Artwork, Liminal Spaces, and the Creative Process’ presented at the Annual Anthropological Association of Ireland Conference 2015—Permanence & Transition: Anthropological Perspectives, held at University College Cork, Ireland, 6-7 March 2015

  • ‘Remembering the Ancestors in Contemporary Paganism’ presented at the Third Annual ISASR Conference—Religion and Remembering, held at Union Theological College, Belfast in collaboration with Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 23-24 May 2014

  • ‘Folklore and Madness: Traditional Beliefs and Contemporary Popular Conceptions of Madness in the Irish Context’ presented at the Meanings of Madness: Critical and Creative Perspectives Conference, held at University College Cork, Ireland, 13-14 November 2013
  • ‘Fairy Trees and Holy Wells as Sites of Nexus between Different Popular Religious Traditions’ presented at the ISASR Conference 2013–Ireland, America and Transnationalism: Studying Religions in a Globalized World, held at The Clinton Institute, University College Dublin, Ireland, 10-12 May 2013

  • ‘Researching Irish Neo-Paganism: Exploring Issues of Ethnographic Practice, Spiritual Experience Narrative and Religious Worldview’ presented at the ISASR Conference 2012–Emerging Perspectives: Religions and Ireland, held at the Study of Religions Department, University College Cork, Ireland, 25-26 May 2012

  • ‘Irish Neo-Paganism: Worldview and Identity’ presented at Alternative Spiritualities, the New Age and New Religious Movements in Ireland: an Interdisciplinary Conference, held at the NUI (National University of Ireland) Maynooth, Ireland, 30-31 October 2009

  • ‘Masks and Processions in the Traditional Irish Ritual Year’ presented at The Power of the Mask Conference, the fifth conference of the Societé Internationale d’Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF) Ritual Year Working Group, held at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2-6 July 2009

  • ‘The Neo-Pagan Ritual Year and Gender’ presented at The Ritual Year and Gender Conference, the fourth conference of the SIEF Ritual Year Working Group, hosted by The Department of Folklore and Ethnology, University College Cork, Ireland, 22-26 June 2008

  • ‘Celticity as a Cultural Resource in Irish Neo-Paganism’ presented in the ‘Locating Celticity Panel’ at the 9th SIEF Congress Transcending ‘European Heritages’: Liberating the Ethnological Imagination, hosted by the University of Ulster, held in Derry, Northern Ireland, 16-20 June 2008

  • ‘Neo-Paganism as a Life-embracing Spirituality’ presented at Challenging Cultures of Death: Mercy Not Sacrifice, a conference hosted by the Institute for Feminism and Religion, held at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 2-4 November 2007

  • ‘Fairy Trees and Sacred Groves: Trees in Neo-Pagan Worldview and Ritual Practice’ presented at Trees in Legend and Tradition, English Folklore Society Conference, held at The Weald and Downland Folk Museum, Singleton, East Sussex, England, 1-2September 2007

  • ‘History of Neo-Paganism and Neo-Pagan Reinterpretations of History’ presented at The Ritual Year and History Conference, the third conference of the SIEF Ritual Year Working Group, held in Strá┼żnice, Czech Republic, 25-29May 2007

  • ‘Neo-Pagan Charms’ presented at the Charms, Charmers and Charming Conference, hosted by the Pécs Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pécs, Hungary, 11-13 May 2007

  • ‘Neo-Pagan Celebrations of the Festival of Samhain’ presented at the International Conference on Halloween, hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 31 October-1 November 2006

  • ‘Neo-Pagan Celebrations of the Summer Solstice’ presented at The Ritual Year and Ritual Diversity Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, 7-11 June 2006

  • ‘Irish Witchcraft and Paganism in Contemporary Media’ presented at the Charming and Crafty: Witchcraft and Paganism in Contemporary Media Conference, held at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 18-21 May 2006

  • ‘Personal Spiritual Narratives of Irish Neo-Pagans’ presented at the 14th Congress of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research (ISFNR), held in Tartu, Estonia, 26-31July 2005

  • ‘Celtic Legends and the Irish Neo-Pagan Community’ presented at The 5th Celtic-Nordic-Baltic Folklore Symposium on Folk Legends, at The University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland, 15-18June 2005

  • ‘The Neo-Pagan Ritual Year’ presented at The Ritual Year Conference organised by The Traditional Cosmology Society, held at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 7 July 2004

  • ‘Expressions of the Sacred in Contemporary Pagan Culture in Ireland’ presented in Round-Table Discussion No. 3: Sacred Basis of Creativity and Process of Creation of the Sacral at Sacral Through the Eyes of the ‘Lay’ and the ‘Initiated’: Congress on Shamanism and other Fields Exploring the Sacred, hosted by The Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and held in Moscow and the Moscow region, Russia, 20-30 June 2004

  • ‘Neo-Paganism and the Domain of Alternative Healing in Contemporary Ireland’ presented at ASANAS (Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies) Goes Mainstream? Conference, held at the University of Wolverhampton, England, UK, 21 May 2004

  • ‘Ireland’s Neo-Pagan Community: Worldview and Ritual’ presented at the Alternative Spirituality and New Age Studies (ASANAS) Conference, hosted by the ‘Belief Beyond Boundaries Research Group’ of the Department of Religious Studies of the Open University in Milton Keynes, England, UK, 30 May-1 June 2003

  • ‘The Imaginaire of Neo-Pagan Discourse: Perceptions of Landscape’ presented at the Language, Literature and the Imaginaire Conference, XII UCC School of Languages and Literature Annual Conference on Cross-Currents in Literature, Film and the Visual Arts, University College Cork, Ireland, 2-4 May 2003

  • ‘Neo-Pagan Ritual Practice in Ireland as Cultural Process’ presented at From Vernacular Religion to Contemporary Spirituality: Locating Religion in European Ethnology, hosted by the Religious Studies Department of the Open University, Milton Keynes, England, UK, 10-11 January 2003

  • ‘Ireland’s Sacred Landscape: Neo-Pagan Worldview and the Ritual Utilisation of Heritage Sites’ presented at Ireland’s Heritages: Critical Perspectives on Consumption, Method and Memory held at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) in Castlebar, Mayo, Ireland, 18-20 October 2002

  • ‘Irish Neo-Pagan Ritual Practice: Visual Representations of Culture and Creative Expressions of Identity’ presented at the Communicating Cultures Seminar held at The University of Ulster Belfast campus, Northern Ireland, 20-22 June 2002

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